from 1995’s Hal Schell’s Guide To Cruising The Delta,

“Diablo Yacht Club calls Bethel Island its home. It is primarily a cruising club and members are not
desirous of a clubhouse or other facilities. The club has traveled a lot of water since it was formed in
1961. It has a 55 member limit and often is at full compliment. Turnouts for cruises are excellent.
Member boats keep getting larger, and these days it takes a good-size marina to accommodate the
group. Many of its cruises are to the clubhouses of other Delta-area yacht clubs. PICYA.”  
---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------The Diablo
Yacht Club is a legal entity organized under the laws of the State of California as a non-profit
corporation, with a limit of 55 members.

Diablo Yacht Club is an informal, family-oriented, cruising club devoted to the enjoyment of boating.

The Club, whose first Commodore was Major George Richards, was founded on January 11, 1961 to promote
the interests of its members in each other and in boating as a family activity. This is accomplished by scheduling
annually a variety of boating experiences that promote and enhance knowledge and enjoyment of the waters of
the San Joaquin Delta and San Francisco Bay; the responsible, safe, and seaman-like operation of the fleet's
boats; and the Club's participation in activities of like-minded organizations.

Categories of Membership and Fees:

ACTIVE                $100 Initiation Fee (with application form)        $100 Annual Fee

ASSOCIATE         No Initiation Fee                                                 $30 Annual Fee

HONORARY        No Initiation Fee                                                   No Annual Fee

Prorated Annual Fees are due with the Initiation Fee at the time a membership application is
submitted. Members are required to attend at least three scheduled events each year to remain in
good standing. Additionally, each member should be prepared to abide by the By-Laws of the Club
and to accept certain minimum responsibilities, in exchange for the rights and privileges of
membership, which include attendance at the Annual Meeting of the General Membership held in

The Club's Officers and Members are listed in the Yachting Yearbook, published annually by the
Pacific Inter-Club Yacht Association (PICYA) of which the Club is a member. Any correspondence
should be addressed to any of the Officers or to Diablo Yacht Club   PO Box 348  Bethel Island, CA
having fun since 61'